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Stepping into the field of public relations is exciting and challenging. That being said, it is important to be well prepared for whatever situation may arise. Being a young professional and just starting out in the career, it’s hard to narrow down what items you will need while not breaking the bank. I’ve compiled a list with the essential that I carry around with me that I use daily, and I found similar items that are within a reasonable price range.

Phone Cases

Being in the public relations field, being accessible and connected is a must! You don’t need to have the trendiest phone, but having a cell phone that is reliable and in good condition is crucial. You can always jazz up a phone to make it look sleek and updated through phone cases. I would recommend steering away from super glittery and cartoon-like designs, I would recommend a sleek case to demonstrate your professionalism. I listed some examples down below.

Marble grip iPhone Case
$35.99 $26.99
Found here

Slim Metallic Phone Case
by Obliq
Found here


With meetings, interviews, and hundreds of memos popping in my head throughout the day — I need to have my notebook on me to jot my ideas down so I don’t forget them! I personally like my notebooks to be spiralled and full letter sized.

Large Spiral Journal (White Marble)
by Indigo
Found here

Large Embossed Journal (Iridescent Black)
by Indigo
Found here


I always make sure to keep headphones on me. Not only do I use them to listen to a good podcast on the subway, they’re helpful when I need to take a phone call on the go or when I need to watch a video to get information on an upcoming event/story! Can never go wrong having them in your bag!

EarPods with 3.5mm Headphone Plug
Found here


I don’t think I need to have a long explanation for this, but drinking water is so important! Sometimes I get so busy during my workday, I forget to drink water! Having a trusty water bottle that won’t leak in your bag is always important! Also, a reusable water bottle is better for the environment!

Liberty Canteen (17oz)
by Indigo
Found here

Classic Cap and Silicone Sleeve (Pink Ombre, 16oz)
by lifefactory
Found here

Coffee mug

Same as the water bottle, having a reusable coffee mug is better for the environment! Also, making your own money saves money (can’t go wrong with that!)

Ceramic to Go Mug (16oz)
by Core Home (Hudson Bay)
Found here

Insulated Travel Mug (Mint)
by Indigo
Found here

Business Cards

Being in the field of public relations you are constantly connecting and mingling with other professionals. Having your information at a tip of your fingers is so important to make sure that your name and company is remembered! Personally, I’ve been loving MOO business card printing! Their templates make it so easy to customize cards to your personal branding! And, the best part, they are SO affordable!! Check out MOO’s business cards here.

I hope this list helps you to stay within budget while also succeeding within the field of public relations. What is one career item that you need to always have on you? Let me know in the comments down below!

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