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With graduation season creeping up, it’s time to amp up your wardrobe from college to professional. It’s time to swamp out those torn out those beloved UGGS, plastic flip flops, and ripped tennis sneakers for some more polished options! Here is my list of professional shoe options that all young professionals need to own!


Tinsley Rubber Ankle Boots
Sam Edelman

These shoes are perfect for when it’s a rainy day. Finding a balance between fashionable and functional rain boats can be difficult, but these shoes by Sam Edelman. With a cut right at the ankle, these shoes are super comfortable compared to other rain boats that are bulky. These shoes blend right in to your wardrobe (and don’t scream rain boats) that it looks just like a classic Chelsea boot!
Find it online here.

Black Leather Heels

Black, pointed-toe shoes are a must have in every young woman’s closet! Wear to a business meeting, an interview, or even at a casual evening with friends. These shoes are versatile in every situation.
Find it online here. 

Feather Leather Loafers
Steve Madden

Compared to the traditional ballet flat, loafers are more polished option to wear to the office as it has a little more coverage on the top part of your foot! These loafers will match every outfit and complete your look!
Find it online here.

JEAN Riding Boots

Riding boots can polish off an outfit in a *snap*. These riding boots can be worn not only in a casual work environment, but also when you’re out and about running errands.
Find it online here.

Bolero Ankle Booties
Madden Girl

These boots are low rising which are perfect so you don’t have to feel like you’re a baby deer on stilts. The black leather makes it look super polished and professional.
Find it online here.

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