It’s crazy to think another year has once again passed (crazy, right!?). To be completely honest, I’m not the biggest fan of setting resolutions on new years. In previous years, I noticed I would set unrealistic resolutions and being completely upset when they fail a few weeks in. So this year, I decided to not only share what my new years resolutions are, but also a plan on how I will accomplish each goal to ensure that they are realistic. Here are my new year’s resolutions for 2019!

Resolution #1: Drinking more water

I’m a sucker for sugary drinks, coffee with A LOT of sugar, and lots and lots of wine. Sometimes I drink so much of everything, but water, that I get really bad headaches due to dehydration.

How will I accomplish this:

  • Bringing a reusable water bottle everywhere I go!
  • Challenging myself to drink at least four bottles of water every day
  • Opting for tea instead of coffee on some mornings
  • Consuming lots of fruit and veggies to “eat” my water!

Resolution #2: Get moving at least 3 times a week

I am the master of planning, except…when it comes to planning to exercise. Why? Because I honestly do not enjoy it! I would much rather sit on the couch with a bowl of popcorn with an episode of New Girl than go for a run (no thanks). But, exercising is important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Not only does it help you physically, but also mentally. It helps you de-stress and clear your brain.

How will I accomplish this:

  • Setting an expectation to get moving at least three times a week.
  • Not committing to a gym, but something that doesn’t feel like I’m working out, like taking a walk, going for a hike, or having Zumba dance parties in my apartment.

Resolution #3: Embracing mindfulness

Around the holiday time I had a strange ephihany; life is going by way too quickly.
I felt like the days were just going by and I wasn’t taking the time to enjoy every second in the present moment, because I was too worried about the future.
How will I accomplish this:

  • Reminding myself to be present in the moment.
  • Journalling every night (or whenever I feel like it)
  • Taking 10 minutes every night to meditate and reflect on my day

Resolution #4: Being kind to myself

I’m hard on myself. I’m not my ideal weight, I wish I had clearer skin, I wish my wardrobe was “cooler”, I wish I was THAT person.
I have a difficult time accepting who I am.
This year I want to focus on highlighting the features that I like about myself and admiring my accomplishments.

How will I accomplish this:

  • Only allowing positive thoughts to resonate with me.
  • Hearing criticism, but do not let it dwell. Acknowledge it and let it go.
  • Do fun little things to make ME feel good! Whether that be buying myself flowers or putting on a face mask.

Those are my new year’s resolutions for 2019! Tell me down below, what are your new year’s resolutions!?

I hope you all have a wonderful 2019!

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  1. I actually share 2 of your same goals for 2019; drinking more water and moving 5 times a week. I really struggle to get my water in, so these are some good tips that I can use to hit my goal of 75 oz a day!

  2. I tend to set goals instead of resolutions myself but yours seem like goals to me as well 🙂

    More water is always a goal for me, I feel so much better when I make sure that I hit my water goal. I also love your resolution of being more kind to yourself. I think we all could do a better job of this.

  3. Great resolutions! I need to work on mine. I know that I need to focus and organize this year, so that I can be more productive and reach my goals. Thanks for sharing yours, they are wonderful resolutions to have.

  4. I need to borrow some of your resolutions starting with drinking more water. I will have to find a good reusable water bottle.

  5. I tend not to make resolutions either. Instead, I opt to think about how I can make the new year even better than the last. Then I strive to work on tasks that will help make that a reality.

  6. Great resolutions! I, too, have committed to exercising more. Though I do love exercise, I don’t like gyms at all (and even less after watching the gym bike episode of Black Mirror!) so I try to get mine in with yoga at home, walking every day, taking a 10 minute walk every hour at the office (including going up and down the stairs), and kayaking. Every little bit helps!

  7. These are good resolutions for yourself! I think that focusing on self-care is very important! I am also working on incorporating more mindfulness and mindful thinking into my days.

  8. Great resolutions. I seriously need to work on hitting my water intake target everyday. Thanks for reminding me. Also loved the one that says we need to be more kind to ourselves, couldn’t agree more!

  9. We have similar resolutions. The biggest one for me is being kind to myself. Sometimes I push myself too much and i am just so hard on myself. I just need to give myself a break from time to time.

  10. A friend of mine shared a quote with me… Not sure who said it, but basically it says…. If someone else talked to you, the way you talk to yourself… how long would you stay around that person? We all need to work on being kinder to ourselves, wether that means taking your health more seriously, taking some more me time and make self care a priority… or just being mentally nicer to ourselves. I am right there with you girl .

  11. I’m not into resolutions for New Year’s, but more so on reflection. I always like to look back and think about what was good and bad, and what can be improved. xo, Suzanne

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