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Congratulations! You landed the interview for a position!
I often find that when prepping for an upcoming interview, we become fixated on crafting the most “perfect” response to potential questions you may be asked.

Don’t get me wrong, preparing the key points that you want to discuss in your interview is extremely important (hint hint, upcoming blog post on this topic).  However, it is also crucial to ask the hiring manager questions during the interview!
When I assisted in conducted interviews for either volunteer or career positions, I would cringe when an interviewee would respond “nope” when asked if they had any questions! While it may be innocent, this response speaks VOLUMES about your interest for the position! Therefore, I think it is important to keep these four essential questions in your toolkit to ask during an interview to show your interest in the position.

1. “How would you describe the company’s organizational culture?”

This is one of my favourite questions to ask in an interview because this question is unexpected and a little more original. This question almost gives you a mirror to help you see if you can see yourself working with the company. An example of this is if the hiring manager responded to this question saying that they would describe the culture as being “competitive” or “stressful”. If you’re looking for more of a team-working role, you may not be the best fit for that organization.  It is important for your values, and the organization’s values, to align.

2. “Can you describe a typical day for someone in this role?”

This question gives you insight on the expectations of this position. On job description, there is an overwhelming amount of information. This question allows you to see from the employer’s perspective the priorities. In addition, it also clarifies any unrealistic expectations and allows you to think if this is something that you truly want to do

3. “What do you like best about working for (*NAME OF COMPANY/ORGANIZATION*)?

This is an opportunity for the hiring managers to really sell you on the organization and the position. This question is also a little bit sneaky because it is a way for you to judge if they are genuinely enthusiastic about the organization that they work for. If they seem to light up about how great the people are to work with, and how gratifying they find their position to be, you can tell it is more than just cashing in a pay cheque.

4. “What are the next steps?”

This question demonstrates that you are eager to continue the process for this role.  This question clears up any confusion about a timeline about knowing if you are a successful candidate. It also gives you a heads up if you need to complete any additional interviews or assessments to progress to the next stage of consideration. Lastly, I would ask any questions that you may have in regards to the job description. This is the prime time to get any uncertainties out of the way. The hiring manager wants someone who is the right fit for the role; and you want to be the right fit for the role!

Good luck in your interview!

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